Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Sisyphus Citranox IPA

Sisyphus Citranox IPA. 6.9% ABV. 60 IPA. Citra and Equinox hops, naturally. "NorthEast style IPA", not sure what that is.

Lightly clouded, bright golden hue, slim, but lasting, ivory head.

Aroma: delightfully citrus-y, nicely hopped, perfectly pleasant. Lemon, grapefruit, orange, with a bit of pine, as well.

In the mouth: Light bitterness, but with big hop flavor. Huge citrus sensations. Lemon-y, lime-y, clean and lovely. Lean bodied, light malt, hops are shining. Crisp and refreshing. Smooth and delicious. So good.

This is the one that I voted for in the IPA Election at Sisyphus. I didn't choose it as my favorite, but I felt that it would be the best Flagship IPA for them. It feels like the IPA for people who don't like IPAs.

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