Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Indeed Wooden Soul 8

So, this one is a Belgian-style blonde ale with various microbials, and aged in tequila barrels. I haven't been to the taproom since before this was released, and I got a keg of it at Acadia. Now, apparently, #9 is out already. I'd better get my notes going before the keg empties and I can't get anymore. Here we go.

Indeed Wooden Soul 8.  5.2% ABV. Indeed Brewing, Minneapolis, MN.

Mostly clear, golden coloring, slim white head.

Aroma: the funk comes first, followed by traces of the tequila. Fresh and wild and funky. Nice and tart.

In the mouth: Intense funkification, bold tart and sour. The tequila traces are rather minor and over shadowed by the intensity of the brett and the lacto-, and the "unknown". It's a bracing sour attack on the palate, that leads to smoothness and utter delights. Fruity, funky, fresh, and wild. All those good things and more going on. The tequila plays a small part, but it is there, with the lime and the sour. Very refreshing, and quite unique. Another good one out of Indeed. Cheers, fellows!

Here's more from the website if you didn't feel like clicking on the link: Freshly emptied tequila barrels which had just been used to cellar Mexican Cousin were refilled with our blonde base and populated with multiple Brett strains, an unknown wild yeast, and lactobacillus. After 18 months of aging, the result is a marriage of mixed fruit and citrus qualities from resident organisms, and a distinct thumbprint left behind by the tequila barrels. Although it is not readily tequila-like, the tequila barrels added an earthy, woody, herbal depth to this experience.

Malts: Blonde Ale base malts, including Pilsner, Malted and Unmalted Wheat, light cara malts Hops: Variable Yeast: Several Brett strains, wild yeast Bacteria: Lactobacillus strains Fruit: Hint of lime juice.

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