Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Dangerous Man Coconut Milk Stout

Dangerous Man Coconut Milk Stout.  5.0% ABV. (Says 6.3 on the website, though.) Canned on 10/13. Dangerous Man Brewing Company, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

These days, the kids are all coo-coo for coconut. Put coconut in a beer and they flip, man, they flip for real. Second only to vanilla bean and bourbon barrel-aging. So, Dangerous Man one-ups their chocolate milk stout with a coconut milk stout that's bound to get all the hipsters stoking their beards and sporting stout 'staches.

Solid blackness, slim brown head, ...

Aroma: sweet coconut, rich dark malts, nice balance, sweet coconut reigns supreme.

In the mouth: rich, sweet, smooth and coconut. Dark malts galore, full bodied, long malty finish. Never ending coconut flavor. yum. Lush, Delicious. Toasty.

Yeah, I like this. I'd drink it again and again. And if you need some further gobbledygook, check it out right here. 

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