Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Summit Unchained No. 23: Dark Infusion Coffee Stout

Summit Unchained Series No. 23: Dark Infusion, A Coffee Milk Stout.

Dark black coloring, rich roasted tan head, setting us up for excitement.

Aroma: bold, rich coffee flavors boarding the nose and setting up camp in the senses. Intense. Wondrous. Gorgeous.

In the mouth: Starts out sweet, smooth, scrumptious. Creamy, delightful, delicious. Just right. Mmm. I mean, MMM! Whoa! An infusion of a blend of Brazilian and Columbian bean cold press coffee from St. Paul's Blackeye Roasting Company.

I'm going to learn a little more about this one. What's the label tell us? Created by brewer Pete Stacy. 8.5% Alc. by Vol. Brewed and canned by Summit Brewing Company, St. Paul, MN. That's it on the can, and the can is all I got. Have to go to the website, I guess....there's this, and that is surely informational. Go read it. Then there's the official gobbledygook, so read that, too.

I'm kind of floored by this one. It's just so much better than any other coffee stout or milk stout, because it combines the best of both. Milk stouts are alright, but they just don't do it for me, and some coffee stouts are too much. This puts them together and gives the best of them both.

I think this is the best coffee beer I've ever had. And this is after a lot of them, some big ones, some rich and thick ones, and this smooth, delicious dark brew takes the cake. Oh, yes.

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