Saturday, November 19, 2016

Indeed B-Side Pilsner

This one here is an early sample of a new pilsner beer from Indeed. Dandy Lager has bit the dust. So, when you look at the photo at the side, forget that it came from a Dandy can. The trues cans hadn't arrived yet, and they filled samples into left-over Dandys. When those cans come out, though, I hope that Chuck U's monkey DJ art is on it.

Indeed B-Side Pilsner, Indeed Brewing, Minneapolis, MN.

Crystal-clear, bright golden coloring, big ivory head that trims down in a quickness.

Aroma: delicate hops, lightly floral, with honey notes. Nice.

In the mouth: Brisk hoppiness at the front that last long. Light bodied. Swift finish. Clean. Easy. Hop presence continues on the palate. Damned tasty pilsner, this. I can drink it. And I, as has been said before, am not a lager guy.

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