Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bang Time

Bang Time. Malty Strong Ale. 750 ml. All. 6.7% by Vol. 70 IBU. Bang Brewing, St. Paul, MN.

Full-on darkness. rich, cocoa-toned head above, looking good.

Aroma: sweetness, and malty. Yup. Creamy. Hoppy, and malty, rough and ready raw citrus and plenty of dark malt deliciousness.

In the mouth: More tastiness. More rich, more malt, more grassy, piney hops. Damnably delicious. Sweetness is just right on for this one. Not too much, just right on. Some coffee, some cocoa in the flavors, but well attenuated, not too this, too that. Just right. Enough hop bitterness, enough malt buttress. Just right on the money. Tasty, tasty stuff.

What can I say? This is doing it for me, without being attached to a particular style.

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