Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dave's BrewFarm Kyr #1 IPA

What? An IPA? From Dave? No! Well, maybe...when the Kyrgyzstanis ask for it.....

Clear, deep amber, slim white head.

Aromatics: bold and fruity, citrus and tropical hop notes. Fruity, never bitter. Delightful.

In the mouth: mild bitterness, juicy fruit, tasty malt. Not too sweet, not too hoppy. Just about right.
Is this the IPA for Kyrgyzstan? Maybe it is, maybe it is. Not bitter enough for local tastes, that's for sure. Smooth and delicious. Not a bad IPA, Farmer Dave, not bad at all.

What's the BrewFarm Gobbledygook? "Kyr #1 IPA. 6.4% ABV. Brewed as an experiment for a client from Kyrgyzstan. #1 focuses on the aromatic spectrum. Two-row, Caramel 20 and Aromatic malts, hopped with hop extract and late additions of Mosaic and HBC-438. Two firsts: Ferments dry yeast and dry hopping."

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