Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Yoerg's Beer

Here we have a resurrection of the first brewery in Minnesota history, established in St. Paul in 1848, lasting until 1952.
Learn more about it here, on their website.  Or, over here, in The Growler. The old recipes have been dusted off, and the brand has been renewed, and though it's currently contract brewed by Octopi Brewing in Waunakee, Wisconsin, they are working on building a brewery in St. Paul. One more to add to Minnesota Breweries One by One: 2017 Edition.

So, I got a sample bottle of the initial offering, and finally got around to cracking it open. Yoerg's, here we go!

Highly hazed, amber coloring, slim, off-white head.

Aroma: Low bitterness, lightly fruity esters, moderately floral and sweet.

In the mouth: pleasant. Smooth. Lightish bodied. Delicate fruitiness, light malt, mild bitterness. There's hops about, there's an ale yeast....must be a California Common. This one is quite tasty, and doggone it, I can drink it.

There's little on the label, but I'll yank this off of the website for you. """We haven't changed a thing.   Yoerg's 'Flagship' beer is still 'steam brewed' and is just as robust as the original, with a delightful roasty/toasty flavor that just sings Saint Paul.  The dark bock will be a year round item, rich, full-flavored with a hearty chocolate/coffee bean note.  The Strong is a doppelbock of the highest order, only brewed while the weather is shitty and the super crisp Picnic Beer is only available when you don't have to wear a jacket.  These beers are the epitome of the city where they were originally born, and have been painstakingly reborn."

I have only one complaint about this new Yoerg's brewing company, and that is because I am a language prude. They claim that their doppelbock will only be brewed "when the weather is shitty." I think that "shitty" is a perfectly shitty word, and should never be used in a professional way, ever. Use your brain. Think of something better. And I won't do it for you, that's your job. Be smart. Stop saying "shitty". Lazy, lazy writing.

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Anonymous said...

It is hard to describe but Yoerg;s Beer is the closest I have had that reminds me of how beers used to taste before the major breweries started blanding them down. In the 50s there were still a lot of local and regional breweries that steadily disappeared. They stuck to a recipe that was a bit too strong tasting in character for the emerging baby boomer generation that didn't realize rice was not a beer adjunct. How do I know? I'm 72 and had the opportunity to taste many old family German breweries that no longer exist. I think they did about as good of a job that is possible under today's circumstance.

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