Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Stone Farking Wheaton wOOtstout

Stone Farking Wheaton wOOTstout. 13% ABV.

Solid darkness, rich brown head,

Aroma: anise, brown sugar, vanilla notes. Toasted coconut? Cocoa and espresso and increasing alcohol heat.

In the mouth: Flavors expound on the palate bigly. (Wait, autocorrect didn't fix that. What's going on?) Huge malt flavors, dry and delicious. Vanilla, coconut, bourbon touches.Big hops, just right bitterness. There' s got to me more going on than just the usual. I'm going to peek and find out.

From the website: This barrel-aged palate-saver has been a favorite among our fans—and us—since its inception in 2013. Pecans, wheat, flaked rye and bourbon-soaked barrels provide this whopping, complex superhero version of an imperial stout with a profound complexity that makes it ideal for cellaring—if you can wait that long. Now, we can’t say this beer bestows jedi powers, exactly, but your taste buds may just be fooled into believing as much. A special thanks to Amanda Conner, who illustrated this year's label to support The Hero Initiative.

Huh. Pecans, eh? Never would have guessed. Bourbon-barrel aging, that's all over it. Big, thick and rich, just the way I like my imperial stouts.

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