Monday, December 26, 2016

Able Seedhouse + Brewery House Red Ale

If you recall, Able was the 26th Minnesota brewery I wrote about here for the project Minnesota Breweries One by One. You may not know that I have featured them on tap at Acadia Cafe several times since then, including some beers I didn't try on that afternoon. I've done Supergiant Golden Ale,  First Light IPA, Blk Wlf Stout, and the Propers Pub Ale. Recently, the sales rep asked if I would try out the House Red next and I responded that I wasn't sure if I'd had it. He was sure I had, but I think he was thinking of samples he tried me on many months ago, and when I asked for another taste, I got this big ol' growler. And now I will try it and tell you all about it.

Clear, pale crimson coloring, slim white head.

In the nose: fruity malts hit first, low hop bitterness. Nice and even. Good.

In the mouth: Jumps on board the palate with big ol' malts, earthy, deep, fruity. Tasty stuff. Low bitterness, nicely balanced, good for the style. Lean in the body, long, lingering fruity finish. Bright, full of malty deliciousness, and not a bad beverage in the least. This would ably (ah!) suit that drinker just looking for a red ale

. To use my favorite five word phrase: Ain't Nothin' Wrong With It.

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