Monday, December 12, 2016

Hammerheart Ogham Smoked-hop Irish Pale Ale

Hammerheart Ogham. 6.4% ABV. Irish pale ale with smoked hops. Hammerheart Brewing, Lino Lakes, MN.

This is one that I tasted at the taproom a little bit ago, when Jason and I were coming back from Duluth. Even Tanner said it was too weird for him, and I tasted it, liked it, but wasn't in love with it. (Yet.)But, interested. I bought a keg for Acadia, sure I could sell it. And I took notes the other day. Here they are:

Lightly hazed, crimson colored, lasting, lace-leaving off-white head.

In the nose: smoke comes roaring out, intermingled with hop notes. Smoked hops? Really? Crazy. Subtle heat under the floral and pine.

In the mouth: That combo again, the bitter hoppy bite and smokey notes swallowing it up. Medium-bodied, long, bitter-smokey finish. Bitter-smokey? What am I talking about? But, there it is. Hoppy-smokey- malty-delicious. Dang. I love this one, though I've never had anything like it, and probably never will. Smoked hops? Whoa-aaa-aaaat???

No, really, wha---aaa??? Seriously, though, delicious stuff. Completely unique. Gotta hand it to Hammerheart.

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