Thursday, December 15, 2016

Oliphant Capitan Peligro IPA with Galaxy & Warrior hops

Am I on some sort of a theme here? The last beer I reviewed used Warrior and Galaxy and tied that into some kind of Intergalactic Warrior hero. Oliphant is using Warrior and Galaxy hops, but seems to have another hero in mind. One that totally slips off of my radar. (The origin is the comic book title Space Riders, which I am utterly unfamiliar with, but should probably check out. I see it being compared to the "psychedelic" side of Jack Kirby's 1960's work, and that's an easy way in for me. )

Captain Peligro, India Pale Ale with Galaxy and Warrior hops. 6.7% ABV.

Clouded, pale golden hue, big ivory head that lasts long, and leaves lace.

In the nose: bright and citrus-y, lively and lovely, and utterly beautiful.

In the mouth: More fruit, more bitter, and just as juicy as we like. Tasty stuff. Just about right IPA. So much hops, so much malt, so full of fruit, and yeast, and deliciousness. I'm loving it, and would love to love more.

I do wish I had been more specific in those notes, but at the time they did the trick. This one hit all the right buttons.

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