Friday, December 23, 2016

Town Hall Festivus 2016-Sweet Chestnut Brown Ale

Town Hall Festivus 2016. This is the one that has changed the most over the years, and apparently, it won't change much for a while now, or so I hear. This one is a "sweet chestnut brown ale", and there's nothing wrong with that.

6% ABV. I can't find more information because...I guess that's ....come on, guys, put it on the internet, it's not that hard. Just do it.

Clear, medium-brown color, slim, beige head.

In the nose: the sweetness, the nuts, the malt. In comes the cocoa, soft and creamy.

In the mouth: more sweet, but balanced, with a moderate dosage of hops. Smooth, malty, nutty. And the cocoa comes back, and it's tasty.

Okay, that's Festivus 2016, a sweet chestnut brown ale. Good beer, you can drink it.

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