Friday, December 2, 2016

NorthGate Stronghold Robust Porter

At last, in a can! I've had this beer before, from a firkin at Acadia, but now I can finally give it the full examination in the privacy of my own home. Enough, let's get to it.

NorthGate Stronghold Robust Porter. "This ale was brewed and packaged in Minneapolis, MN." 6.0% ABV. 25 IBU.

Deep black coloring, slimmed brown ring of foam riding on top.

In the nose: roasty-toasty meets sweet and creamy, with appropriate doses of bitter. Perfectly pleasant and right on for a robust porter.

In the mouth: creamy smooth, bittersweet and malty. Medium body, definitely drinkable, ending refreshingly sweet, then dry. Nice, nice, and then more nice. This is my kind of porter. Bring it on, and then bring it on again.

From the can: "Bold, complex roast character built with traditional ingredients, while a substantial robust body holds down the fort."

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