Friday, December 2, 2016

Hammerheart Gorm the Old

Hammerheart Gorm the Old. Growler I've been sitting on for a few weeks. Missing the description band, because Tanner put it on Jason's growler accidentally. It's okay, I forgive him. (Kidding. No, I don't.)

Mesquite smoked old ale, 7.4% ABV.

Dark brown color, slim cocoa-tinged head.

In the nose: malty goodness, chocolate traces that will grow in scope as the beer warms. This has not spent enough time out of the fridge. Getting bigger and wider, but that cold is in the way. Gonna wait a bit...put on a Louis Armstrong record. Bah, bo be, be bo bay, oh, mama....Oh, no, this is a Hammerheart beer, it's got to be metal! And....I'm not into metal. Okay, I'll pretend Pops is metal. Give a new meaning to "Darkness on the Delta."....

As the cold drips away, and the beer starts to warm up, more flavors emerge, more smoke appears, all kinds of associations pop out, anise, pepper, brown sugar. I'm sure I'm missing a couple.

In the mouth: Pow! Bam! A forceful entry on the palate, much malt, more flavors, more smoke and
spice. Smooth and sumptuous, yet riddled with complexities. Warmer still, it's better and better. Smoke is nice and subtle, not too hot, not too intense up-front. Just right. Rich mouthfeel, full on the palate and unfiltered.

Hail, Gorm, first recognized king of Denmark!


Jason B said...

First king of Denmark? You should have listened to this!

AL MCCARTY said...

Jason, why did you do that to me? I thought we were friends.

Jonas said...

That sounds delicious. Too bad we didn't make it to the brewery when we where in MN. Being into black metal and scandinavian, i bet it would have been awesome.

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