Friday, December 23, 2016

Toppling Goliath Sol Hunter Pale Ale

Toppling Goliath Sol Hunter Pale Ale, Toppling Goliath Brewing Company, Deborah, Iowa.

Stats: ? unsure.

Hazy, bright golden hued, voluminous white head, looking great.

In the nose: bold, fresh, zesty, citrus-y, nice.

In the mouth: more fresh, more zest, more delicious. Here comes the bite, here comes the bitter, and it's utterly delicious. Big hops, big bitterness, lush malt, absolutely tasty. Good beer. I can drink it.

Gobbledygook: "Gone are the days of experimentation and test-flights as we voyage into the unknown. We rely on our skill and determination. Guiding us safely to the promised land. Our goal is clear: pursue the sun and harvest the power extracted from an equinox. The task is large, but hopes are high as we travel once more among the stars."

So, I guess that means you used Equinox hops? Just spitballin'......

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