Saturday, December 24, 2016

Dangerous Man Sour Delores Strawberry

Dangerous Man Sour Delores Strawberry. Dangerous Man Brewing Company, Minneapolis, MN.  5% aBV.

Clear, pinkish hue, slim head, soon gone.

In the nose: there's some funk, some wild, some sour. Then comes the sweet, the berry of the straw. Nice.

In the mouth: Pow! Sour hits the palate first, tart and puckering. Never-ending pucker, sour stays on top of sweet. Nicely balanced. Tasty sour, for sure. This is alright. 25 ounces on this evening is plenty, though, and I have surely had my fill. Might've been a better choice for a dinner party or a tasting situation. Note to self: sour strawberry beers, don't drink 'em alone.

Here's what the website tells us: IBUS
ABV (%)
Sweet strawberry and a moderate tartness. Light and refreshing!
Light salads. Nothing heavy.

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