Friday, December 23, 2016

Prairie Christmas Bomb!

Christmas. Mistletoe, Santa Claus, Jingle Bells and all that jazz. How I loathe it.

But, we must get through it, and Christmas beers help us through the suffering. If they are good. Is this one good? Let's find out....

Prairie Christmas Bomb. 12 % ABV. Imperial Stout brewed with spices.

Appearance: Deepest darkness, slim cocoa-tinged head. Right on for the style.

In the nose: Cinnamon. Chili peppers? Gingerbread spices. Warm and wonderful. Spicy Christmas cookie in the nose.

In the mouth: Mmm. all that is back on the palate. Liquid Christmas ginger cookie. Full bodied. Rich and rewarding.

Notes ended there. It was a long day. Let's read what the brewery had to say about it:
 Fall is bleeding out into chilly nights, and we’re at that time when the seasons start to shift and the spice hits the fan. Cuddle up into that ugly seasonal sweater, grab your best glass, and get ready to welcome Prairie Christmas Bomb! back into your life. Christmas Bomb! is our signature stout spiced with cinnamon. It has become a tradition here at Prairie Artisan Ales to produce this seasonal treat. This is our third brew, and as always we’re bringing you a brand new label.

Christmas Bomb! will bring you great comfort and joy in this dark and roasty brew. You’ll find the coffee, ancho chilies, vanilla, and cacao nibs you know and love, but they brought a friend this time. The addition of cinnamon warms this brew evoking the seasonal spirit of spice and cheer.

And just for kicks, let's get a better look at the label. Man, they've got some weird art....

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