Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Sisyphus Nelson Amarillo IPA

Sisyphus Nelson Amarillo IPA. 6.5% ABV. 82 IBU. Crowler filled December 6, 2016.

Clear, bright golden coloring, sizable ivory head that drifts down in time.

Aroma: juicy tropical hop notes. Pineapple meets grapefruit with a slice of banana. Gorgeous.

In the mouth: big bitterness starts it off, gripping the palate and hanging in for the long haul. Perfectly perky hop profile, never ending bitterness all along the mouth, and very generous flavoring. I drank this with utmost speed and satisfaction, as it hit all the right notes for me, a damned near perfect IPA. I would drink this by the bucket-full. Yu, u, um.

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