Thursday, December 15, 2016

Sisyphus Semi-Barrel-aged Semi-Imperial Stout

Sisyphus Semi-Barrel Aged Semi-Imperial Stout. 9% ABV. Sisyphus Brewing, Minneapolis, MN.

It's December 15, and we've finally hit negative temperatures. Three below right now. Times like this call for a beefy, big-boned, rich and warming Imperial Stout. Or, even a Semi-Imperial Stout. Let's give this one a go and see if it warms my bones on this frigid night.

Deepest black coloring, slim, cocoa-tinged head.

In the nose: sweet and malty at the fore, very chocolatey, with hints of espresso, anise, molasses and more. A little vanilla and whispers of whiskey. Hits the right notes.

In the mouth: creamy, chocolatey at first, a big, bold battlefield of dark malt characteristics. Rich and indulgent, without going overboard. Big coffee flavors, full-bodied, bittersweet. The Semis in the name are a good indication of what we've got going on here.
It's not quite an Imperial Stout, but it comes close. The strength is up there, but the body is not as rich, thick, and decadent as some of the highest ranking among the style. A barrel was aged, but not the beer went in, but some coffee. It's an interesting concept, for sure.

I pulled this off of the inter webs: We took one of our old whiskey barrels and aged coffee in it. Then we made cold press and added it to the beer.

Good beer, and I can drink it. And there ain't nothing wrong with it.

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