Friday, December 23, 2016

Indeed Session Sour #3 and reflections

Derailed Cranberry Milk Stout
So, you guys. You know how I've been trying to visit all of Minnesota's tap-rooms all year long, right? Well, I'm almost done. And I've been using my free time when I'm not going to the new, untried ones far, far into the hinterlands by actually going back to the locals and checking out what's new there. I didn't do that a lot in the winter months in the past few years and I don't know why. It's really not hard to get there by bus. And a few weeks ago, I did that, hitting up Indeed and Dangerous Man on the same day (hint: no buses take you to DMBC. You've got to do a little walking.)

And an idea popped into my head, that I should do a post with one review of one new beer from that familiar local brewery, and all kinds of stuff about what else is new, and all about the beers, and whats happening's a bit much. It's ambitious. I wish I could pull it off. Maybe I could? Of course I can. Don't forget that The Bitter Nib is the Blog that will always share with you it's insecurities and shortcomings.

Wooden Soul#9: Belgian Blonde
with raspberries, actually, I want to share something. Someone recently pointed out a discussion on Reddit about the beer magazine The Growler. One poster quickly commented about this blog, and, in an effort of full disclosure, that poster is my eldest nephew, such a sweet man is he. His name is Trevor Nolte and he helped me with the graphic design for the Surly Two label. Later on, another poster piped up and that was my beloved niece. Her name is Anna Wagner, and she's awesome. They are the apples of my very eyes. And then, other people who aren't the offsprings of my siblings said nice things and it ended with this comment: "Bitter Nib is way better and Al is a good guy who has had his finger on the pulse of Minnesota beer since before the Growler even started. He doesn't pull punches and reviews beer and breweries fairly and honestly and has kind of dedicated his life to it."

Now, I know nothing about this man who calls himself "oggblogblog", and I give him thanks for his kind words, but it made me pause. Something about strangers saying things about you does that to you. Have I dedicated my life to it? I have no wife and children. I have my other hobbies, music and books and comic books, art, cartooning, and such, but they all take a back seat to finding, and drinking and writing about beer. Am I more obsessed with this topic, the local beers and breweries than anyone else who isn't paid for it? Have I dedicated my life to it? (There are others out there who are similarly obsessed, but I don't mind getting my own due.) It sent me spiraling into a deep spell of reflection. More than anything, I do this because I like to write. I like to write about beer. And I like to drink beer. I love beer culture, beer history, beer community. I started loving it over 20 years ago, and I haven't looked back.
Rum King.

So, I'll keep doing this and finding new ways to do this. It's amazing, it's incredible, and I am deeply grateful to be a part of what's happening locally. Yeah, I think that I will keep trying to report on the beers of Minneapolis and Minnesota, and do it honestly and artfully. That's my early New Year's Resolution. Oh, wait, I do that every year.

So, it was on the Wednesday of December 7 that I stopped into the taproom at Indeed Brewing and had myself a Derailed Series Cranberry Milk Stout, tart and fruity, full-bodied and refreshing, while I admired their new menus which use simple one word descriptors in a series of three to give you an idea of the beer. Cool. Who needs friggin' sentences, anyway?
I'm kidding, I like it, it's good. I also had cask Midnight Ryder with Coconut, Rum King, because I have to when it is there, and Wooden Soul #9, which I could not take home in a growler but have on tap at Acadia, and might be able to write notes on it before it goes away, but can't promise anything. So, much goodness at Indeed I'd never had before or can't help but enjoy again and again, and only one of them did I bring home and takes notes on...

Here come notes on Session Sour #3:
session sour #3 (did I miss 1 and 2?)

I don't know a lot about this beer. I had it on tap at the Indeed taproom on Wednesday, and like it, so I took a growler home. that's all I know, so I'm going to open that growler up and see what I can see. Away we go....

It's a lightly hazed, golden/amber-ish coloring, with a huge head of ivory foam above it. Lasting, lace-leaving, lovely.

Gorgeous aromatics, soft and slightly spicy, floral, herbal, delightful. Piney. Spruce-y. Spicy-sweet. I'm loving it.

In the mouth: more of that dancing on the palate. What, specifically" Some ginger, I think. Coriander? Other spices. Lightish bodied, lean malt, low bitterness, but high spice, ...and fruit? Citrus, not sure which. Tangerine, grapefruit, ....what else? I like it, though, I like it a lot.

I peeked on the internets and found this on their website: "Kettle sour with lemongrass. 4.2% ABV. 27 IBU." Yeah, that makes sense. Lemongrass, sure I see it. And it's still tasting terrific.

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