Saturday, December 17, 2016

Destihl Plum Sour Stout

Destihl Plum Sour Stout.Unfiltered Indigenous Wild Sour Ale. All. 5.6% by Vol. IBU:37. Destihl Brewing, Bloomington, IL.

Dark brown,...or is it deep violet? under a cocoa-tinged ring of head. Looking alright.

In the nose: dark fruit, some sour, some rich, cocoa-tinted malt. Yeah, they got the name right.

In the mouth: big pucker from the start, lots of grapes, fig....plum? Sure, that works, too. Puckeration returns sip after sip, sour begets sour, riding over a tide of lush dark malts. Chocolate and coffee laying down the foundation. Do you like the sour? do you dig the stouts? Drink of this, my friend, it'll give what you crave.

Hey, what's the can tell us? "Plum Sour Stout rebels against style boundaries as it opens with a bold fusion of fruitiness and chocolatey roast. Dark fruit flavors then take hold, evoking memories of plum jam and chocolate-covered cherries to bring everything into balance. The result is a light bodied and refreshingly tart stout that's just plum sour! Cheers!"

Ugh. "Plum sour"? yuck. Avoid those bad puns, people, steer clear.

Anyone, it's good sour stout and you can drink it. Not bad at all.

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