Thursday, March 9, 2017

Bemidji Brewing Winter Warmer Double Porter

Here we have a bottle I bought at Bemidji Brewing on the day of it's release back in late December. Liked it so much on tap at the brewery that I brought home three. I've shared one already, have another to share in the future, and at last opened a bottle for myself. It's about time, as we're slowly but surely leaving winter behind. Maybe. We hope. Possibly.

If you see a strange shape hovering over Minnesota on the
glass, it's only the reflection of my Galactus bottle
opener. I'll strive to remove it in the future. 
Bemidji Brewing Winter Warmer Double Porter. Brewed and bottle by Bemidji Brewing, Bemidji, MN. Enjoy now or Cellar at 50 degrees. 8% ABV. 750 ml.

Solid blackness. Large, lace-leaving, light tan head. Looking good.

I the nose: soft, slightly sweet, majorly malty. Cocoa, dark fruit, mildly bitter.

In the mouth: sweet malt hits first, rich and full bodied. Just where we want our porters. And doubly so our doubled ones. Dark fruit flavor jump into the mix. A little sweetness, little bit bitter and a touch, just a touch, of sour...this is delicious. Really, really tasty.

Also: Yum.


Eric Wentling said...

The foam looks like it might have some sourness to it.

AL MCCARTY said...

a touch....

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