Monday, March 20, 2017

Sweetland Orchards Scrumpy Cherry Rhubarb

Sweetland Orchard Scrumpy Cherry Rhubarb. Hard Cider with natural cherry and rhubarb flavor. 6.35% alcohol by volume.

Light, pale crimson coloring, slim to none head on it.

In the nose: Tart. I get it. Big, tart cherries, with rhubarb undertones. Nice, fruity, funky.

In the mouth: Wow. Big pucker here. Juicy, fruity, tart. Nice. Tasty, tasty. Refreshing and third-quenching. Cherry and rhubarb flavors occasionally displaced by apple. Delicious combination.

I still don't know if I know how to write about cider. But this one, it's a good cider and you can drink it.

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