Sunday, March 12, 2017

Excelsior Shattered Solstice Ale

Okay, this bottle has been sitting around far too long. We're well past the solstice. But, it's a beer, and we're going to drink it. And away we go.

Excelsior Shattered Solstice Ale. 6.9% ABV. Some gobbledygook on the side that I can't read. Okay, I'll try: "A worldly inspired, locally desired Amber Ale to celebrate the return of longer days. Ginger (India), Oranges (Spain), Coriander (Turkey), Egyptian Chamomile flower and Belgian candi sugar create a robust spiced ale that will warm you up. "Shatter" your expectations."

Hazy, clouded, amber hued, with a slim, off-white head.

Aroma: Spice.Ginger. Apple? Huh. Nice, but, huh..

In the mouth: Spice, Warmth, sweetness, malt, yum. Interesting stuff, here. Spicy, malty. Good beer, and I'm drinking it.

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