Monday, March 13, 2017

Surly Unbridled

Surly Unbridled. 100% Brettanomyces Fermented India Pale Ale. Brewed and bottled by Surly Brewing Company, Brooklyn Center and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Incredible artwork from Michael Berglund on this one.

From the label: "Wild Yeast. Exotic hop notes. Run wild. Run free. Be on fire. Buck convention." Okay but I'm gonna stay not on fire. Cool?

No ABV listed, but I think it's in the 6 + % range.

Clear, golden/amber coloring, large, flowering white head.

In the nose: F-U-N-K. Massive horse blanket. Citrus, litterbox, sharp, strange and wonderful. Love it.

In the mouth: Big fruit, big funk, rich and delicious. Easy-drinking, and refreshing. Solid malt base on this one, with excellent balance. Much more malty than other Brett IPAs from Surly. Shines bright citrus, flashes funk, offers clear refreshment. I love a beer like this, and I would drink one again and again. How would I compare it to such previous beers like Brett Mikkel? It's it's own thing.

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