Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Indeed Lucy Session Sour

Something over a year ago, I tried a new kettle sour pale ale from Indeed called Lucy. Not long after that, I tapped a keg for Acadia, and it was well appreciated by our patrons. Now, Lucy comes in a can. And at last we can see that it is not only named for Josh Bischoff's daughter of the same name, but also the one in the sky with the diamonds. I asked if it was the same beer, and was told there were a few tweaks in the recipe, and so it calls for new notes, doesn't it?

Lucy Session Sour Ale Brewed with natural flavors. 4.2% ABV, 12 ounce can, 27 IBU. Brewed and canned by Indeed Brewing Company, Minneapolis, MN.

Very hazed, pale golden coloring, slim white head.

In the nose: tart, fruity, funky.

In the mouth: Sour hits the palate with a punch. Very funky.  Wild, crazy, and eminently drinkable.  A lot of citrus smacks the lips and tongue in this. Changes from the original, I was told, include lemongrass and passionfruit, Much sour abounds. Many fruits. Just delicious.

I can see having many dates with this Lucy, and strongly recommend listening to this (at right) while you imbibe:

From the website: Lively, spirited, and complex, Lucy Session Sour Ale is the latest labor of love from our Head Brewer Josh Bischoff. A tribute to his daughter of the same name, Lucy was a stubborn beer to make — sour, sassy, and unpredictable — but then again, nothing worth doing comes easy. Light in body with lush tropical fruit notes and a tart, citrusy finish, our Session Sour is brewed with lemongrass, orange peel and passion fruit. Sip after sip, let Lucy win you over.

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