Friday, March 17, 2017

Upper Hand Yooper Ale

Here's another one from Larry Bell's second brewery located in Michigan's upper peninsula, for which he's long professed a love. I remember your Facebook posts, Larry.

Upper Hand Yooper Ale. Brewed and bottled by Upper Hand Brewing, Escanaba, MI.

Light hazed pale golden appearance, slim white head holds it down.

In the nose: big citrus, nice hop bitterness, grapefruit and lime.

In the mouth: Bright, hoppy, dry. Lean, light-bodied, highly drinkable pale ale. Unfussy, uncomplicated, and refreshing. Ain't nothing wrong with it. Good beer and guess what you can do with it?

I'm going to read the back of the label to you: "Yooper Ale is a nod to what makes us yoopers. Just like life in the U.P. it is simple, yet beautiful. Offering a smooth mouthfeel from U.P. grown oats, this sessionable pale ale is rounded out with bright citrus aromas. So grab some neighbors and celebrate what makes life north of the bridge so special. "

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