Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Stillwater On Fleek Imperial Stout

Stillwater Artisan Ales On Fleek (FTW) Imperial Stout. 13% ABV. Collaboration with Casita Cerveceria.

I'm not going to mention what a stupid name this is, or how I despise the design of this label. Bright day-glo colors do not belong on an Imperial Stout label. Forget all that. Let's focus on the beer.

Dark, blackish, deep coloring, rich and toasted tan head, looks about perfect.

In the nose: toasted coconut, marshmallow, vanilla, caramel, toffee, toast, roast, cocoa, cream. Mmmm. Char. Molasses. Mmm, mmm.

In the taste: mmm turns to ahhh.  Thick, rich, full bodied, massive malt, deep chocolate, some anise, molasses and more. Boom! It's everything I want in an imperial stout. Big, beefy, plump, large, immense, etcetera. Delicious. Drinks down as well as any good RIS would. Mmmm, so rich, so chocolatey, so, so, so. So very so.

If you know me at all, you know I love an Imperial Stout. Love them when they're done well. And this one is, it really is.

Here's all the information the website gives: Big, overhyped imperial stouts, amirite? This one on fleek tho. The most amazing collaboration ever with Casita Cerveceria.

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