Saturday, April 1, 2017

Steel Toe Brewing Barrel-aged Wee Heavy

It's May 1, 2016. Jason and I went to 3 breweries that Sunday by bike. Heading from my place in Powderhorn Park to Steel Toe Brewing in St. Louis Park, then to LTD in Hopkins, and finally back to Minneapolis for my second visit to Modist Brewing. There were bottles of this beer at Steel Toe, and opened one shortly after, took notes and saved them here on this blog, waiting until I would use them at the end of Steel Toe's Minnesota Breweries One by One entry (they are #36).

But that entry was never written, because the photos accompanying them were lost. I saved to an iPod Classic of all thing, my computer went down, and I cannot figure out how to get those pics transferred elsewhere, or if it is even possible. I have to have the pics. Pics or it didn't happen, right? This effectively stalled entires #31-42. It even has the geniuses at the Apple Store baffled. If I had the power to time travel, first I'd go back and kill Hitler, then I'd stop John Lennon's assassination, and after that I'd prevent the foolhardy choice to encapsulate those important pics in an old iPod. Sheesh.

So, anyway. I finally opened up bottle #2, as part of a big ol' tasting party with some friends last night, and here are the notes:

Barrel-aged Wee Heavy, Scotch Ale aged in Whiskey Barrels. Brewed and bottled by Steel Toe Brewing, St. Louis Park, MN. 11% ABV,
24 IBU.

Dark brown coloration, short-lived, slim brown head.

Deep, oaky aromatics, dripped in whiskey, vanilla and caramel abound. Charcoal, smoke and molasses. Complexity aplenty.

In the mouth: richness, sweetness, bomb-diggity-dangness. This is barrel-aging at his best, perfect combination, with the base beer and the barrel. Deliciousness for the win. So much delicious, with a little bit of alcoholic burn in the back. Beautiful night cap. Sublime fashion to end the day. Ah, yes.....

Those were the 2016 notes. I did not take notes last night, for I was in the company of friends, but 11 months later, it's even more satisfying.

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