Monday, March 13, 2017

Indeed Cherry Dust

Indeed Cherry Dust, Cherry Wood-aged Red Ale. Bottled by Indeed Brewing, Minneapolis, MN. 5.4% all./vol.

Deep, opaque, cherry-ish coloration, solid pinkish head. Very inviting.

In the nose: nice and tart. Cherry coming through in a big way. Nice and fruity.

In the mouth: Quite tart. Big puckering. Dry at the back. Consistent fruit. A fruity sour for all the sour-heads. Yum. Just, yeah, delicious. Light-ish body, long, sour finish. Fruit is in full command of the flavor. This is just about perfection. As it is, it's deeply delicious. Quite possibly the best beer Indeed has ever made.

From the label: "Wooden barrels, Living Beer. Wooden Soul. This Beer Is Alive! Tart cherries mingle with wild yeasts and bacteria present in our wood-aged red ale. As they age together, all the little bits that once made up a cherry take on a new life, becoming a central part of our brew. Is it transfiguration? Reincarnation? On this side of the bottle, we just call it cherry dust."

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