Monday, March 20, 2017

Town Hall Foolish Red

Ladies and Gentlemen, I've said it before, but I have to repeat it. This writer has always been a terrible procrastinator, all his life. The weight of what I want to do and need to do hangs heavy and hard in my mind, stalling me from the accomplishments I dearly want to achieve. "Get up and get going" I shout to my myself in my mind. But, there are only so many hours available every day, and other matters occupy my attention.

The other night I finally opened up a growler I bought almost a month ago, and took notes and as I prepared them for publication, I thought: a month ago? Town Hall Brewery's Barrel Aged Week was a month ago? Ay-yi, yi, how time does keep on slipping, slipping, slipping into the future, as Steve Miller wisely sang. (It's been a hell of a month.)

I wrote about last year's Barrel Aged Week here, as Town Hall's entry in Minnesota Breweries One by One (speaking of procrastination!). In that post, I wrote about Foolish Angel, the Belgian-style Quadrupel aged in two different bourbon barrels. Other barrel-aged Town Hall beers I've reviewed here include Cuvee of Consequence, Le Baltique, Manhattan Reserve, Buffalo Bock, Twisted Trace, and Czar Jack. It seems like a meagre lot, compared to how many different barrel-aged versions they release each time. Twelve was this year's count, with four of them new.
Foolish Single Reserve in it's natural habitat.

Every year, I try to add to that collection by picking up growlers, whatever's left and whatever I can afford. Sales of tickets for the barrel-aged growlers began at 10 am on Sunday the 19th of February, and once again I continued my neglect of this beer geek tradition as I do not recognize Sunday mornings, but from the other direction, due my barman's schedule. I often don't get to sleep until 4 am, and there is no way I'm getting up in time to join the geek parade. As it was, only one of the growlers sold out by the time I got there around 3 pm, the most limited of the new BA beers, Single Barrel Reserve Foolish Angel. I got to try that one the next day when the week began in earnest. Didn't take notes on it, though. I tend to avoid that practice at the bar, or even at a table, unless I'm visiting a place for the first, perhaps only time. It was wonderful, I'll tell you that much.

I didn't do a flight that night, choosing to skip a sample of the beer I'd be bringing home a growler of, opting to do full pours of Foolish Single Reserve, Cuvee of Consequence, which wasn't part of the week's releases, but was on tap nonetheless, and Foolish Angel, and my head was a little fuzzy come Tuesday morn. Such deliciousness. Looking back at the beers put out that week, I see so many that haven't appeared here, yet, but purchasing a growler of each would have obliterated my bank book. Another time, another time.

So here, they are, notes away!

Town Hall Foolish Red. Foolish, the Belgian-style quadruple ale,  aged in red wine barrels. 10% ABV.

Dusky crimson coloration, slim head atop.

In the nose: tart, sour, plump and fruity. Aburst with the barrel, cherries, berries, grapes aplenty abounding in this aroma. Ripe and deep.

In the mouth: Richness, fruit, and deeper complexities. Leather, wood, earth. Great depth playing on the palate. The red wine barrel effects have swallowed up the quadruple and made something bigger and better. Foolish Angel is already a tasty treat, but this one....this one. Man, oh, man. Slightly sharp,  tinged with tannins, smooth and well-rounded, and utterly lovely. I want to take my damned time with this one. Lush and luxurious.

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