Friday, March 17, 2017

Lake Monster Last Fathom Dark Lager

Lake Monster Last Fathom Dark Lager. Lake Monster Brewing, St. Paul, MN. 5.5% ABV.

Solid brown coloring, slim tan head.

In the nose: roasty malt, light hop bitterness, notes of cocoa, vanilla, cream.

In the mouth: Smooth, malty, with flavors of caramel and cocoa abounding. Light bodied and exceptionally consumable. Very minimal hop bitterness, nothing but dark, tasty and easy-drinking. I love a good Munich Dunkel and this is one of them.

Gobbledygook from the label: "What will the last fathom reveal? Sip our Munich-tyle Dunkel and discover a full-bodied, malty, smooth lager with nutty and earthy notes from Minnesota wild rice. The Last Fathom proves to be dark, mysterious and delightful. You may never turn back."

Good dunkel, go drink one.

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