Friday, March 17, 2017

Sisyphus Safeword: Cacao

I don't watch a lot of TV, but when I do it's usually sketch comedy shows like "Portlandia", which Fred Armisen says was actually based on Minneapolis. I like "Portlandia" a lot, but I feel like these days we suffer through some indulgences on the behalf of Brownstein and Armisen to get to the good stuff. Some of their characters have worn a hole in the welcome matt. I could have been done without more of Lance and Nina, the couple portrayed by Carrie and Fred in switched gender roles. Fred as Nina? Not very fun. Annoying, actually. And I'd rather not see Carrie as a dude, though as this dude, she is very funny. I like her character more than his, and it did get us the sketch that this beer is named for, when a safe word is named cacao. "Cacao! Cacao!"

Sisyphus Safeword: Cacao. 9.1% ABV. Canned 3/2. (I've been sitting on this two weeks? What?)

Thoroughly dark with a rich, creamy head, leaving lace, looking great.

In the nose: Creamy, malty, sweet, cocoa and vanilla.

In the mouth: Nice and even bitterness matches the depth of the malt. Full body, with excellent ease of consumption. Richness and deliciousness combined. Never too anything here, not too sweet, not too rich, not too strong, though strong. No need for safe words.

Mmmm, chocolate. Mmmm, cocoa, mmmm, espresso. Yum. Cacao.

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