Saturday, March 11, 2017

Oliphant ?Cuando Es El Cinco de Hans Moleman?

 Oliphant ?Cuando es el cinco de Hans Moleman? (For the life of me, I don't know how to do accents on this keyboard. There's supposed to be one over the e in Moleman, and the first question mark needs to be upside-down, something else I can't do.) 8.3% ABV.  Stout with chipotle, chocolate and spices. somerset, wi.

Solid blackness. Rich tanned, cocoa colored head.

Aroma screams out of the glass. Chocolate and peppers. Beautiful cocoa notes abound.

In the mouth: if you like heat, it's here for you. But gently. Pepper heat lays it on, but lightly and politely. Medium bodied. Easy-drinking, despite the hig ABV. Everything is well balanced here, nothing sticks out too much, and the flavor of both the chili peppers and the cocoa linger long.
An illustration for this one is in the top left, as seen at the
2nd anniversary celebration last August. (the one from my
last visit when I got the crowler did not feature our favorite
Moleman, Hans.) Normally, I do a close-up on the chalk
drawings, but since this one was taken from so far away,
it wouldn't look good if I closed in. And since Jeremy is
in the pic, why not keep him in?

It took me way too long to realize why this one references the hapless Hans Moleman from TV's The Simpsons. The rest of it is a funny in-joke that I've totally forgotten. Next time you're at the taproom, you should ask them. And then tell it back to me.

Actually, I just remembered it. It involves a Spanish-speaking intern wondering aloud in Spanish the date on which falls Cinco de Mayo. And that absurdity needed to be immortalized in a beer name. But, you should still have them tell it, they're better at it.

And, in case you didn't pick it up, damned good beer.

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