Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Sweetland Orchard Northern Spy Cider

Sweetland Orchard Northern Spy, A crisp dry hard cider. 7% alc. by vol.

The cider adventures continue, this time more from Webster, MN's own Sweetland Orchard. This is the 3rd cider of theirs that I've sampled, out of 5, and the first 750 ml. On the label it says: "A complex hard cider, perfect for sharing with friends over good food...", but I'm drinking it solo because that's what I do when I write about beers and ciders. And I'm going to drink it while I cook, maybe even include it in the cooking, and probably have some with the meal. And the label continues, of course, but we'll leave that for later.

Clear and yellow. Cider-y.

Nose: apples aplenty. Good ol' cider smells.

Mouth: Crisp. Dry. Very dry. And all kinds of apples. Extraordinarily dry, as well as refreshing. We're in Cider-town, fellas. (Although it's not tangy and brown. Ned Flanders doesn't know everything.)

Let's go back to that label...."made exclusively from Northern Spy apples, it is deliciously dry with a long finish. Sweetland Orchard is family owned and operated. We're proud of our Northern Spy and hope you enjoy drinking it as much as we enjoy making it. We're growing, pressing, and fermenting Minnesota's original farmhouse cider." "Drink cider, eat apples."

I like this. It's good. Really good. I'm not a cider drinker, but if you are, go drink it.

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