Thursday, December 22, 2011

Atomium Premier Grand Cru

"Atomium Premier Grand Cru, Belgian Specialty Beer, Imported from Belgium, Atomium PGC is a distinctive six-grain top fermented golden ale that is fermented in the bottle. This robust and refreshing beer has a deliciously complex flavor and a crisp satisfying finish."

clear, amber coloration, with fierce carbonation, under a soled, lacy, snow-white head. 

Aroma: citrus and spice meets barnyard funk. ripe orange and lemon, coriander and love, with a whiff of that special something only Belgian yeast brings.

Taste: full, rich, and sweet. soft, lush, and lovely. Beautiful mix of Belgian yeast, bright hops, and sweet, tasty malt. Mmm. 

Crisp? Satisfying? Yeah…dang, I have to forget to read those things. Smooth. Mmm. Yes, And, yum, let's not forget that. Just downright enjoyable. 8% by Vol? Yeah, I can deal with that. 

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