Monday, December 12, 2011

Sun King Wee Mac

When Cal came back from Indiana, he returned with gifts for me. And an apology. It wasn't for the Three Floyds bombers, it was for the Sun King cans. After having the Osiris, I wondered what he meant, there was nothing wrong with it. Then I had the Wee Mac. Well, as he told me, it's a tick for the ticking, and something I wouldn't have found otherwise. Here are the notes for the Scotch ale from Sun King of Indiana.

Sun King Brewery, Wee Mac Scottish-style Ale. "Wee Mac is an eminently quaffable brown ale. Crafted to be smooth and malty, Wee Mac has a rich hazelnut character with toffee undertones and a hint of Dutch cocoa. Hops are used sparingly in this beer and serve only to help balance the sweetness of the malt. Wee Mac is sure to delight your palate with malty goodness." ALC 5.3%.

By the way, before we start I am going to start a list of beer phrases that need to be retired. One of them may have been invented by Michael Jackson, and was probably clever when he coined it. However, "eminently quaffable/drinkable" must die. On with the review.

It's toffee brown, clear, and with no head at all. 

Aroma: sweet, malt, caramel, toffee, yaddeta yaddeta. Not especially multidimensional. 

Taste it: Flat, bland, boring. Lightish body, forgettable finish. I'm searching and searching for something interesting in this one, something significant and rewarding, and I'm coming up short. Utterly uninspired, this one. 

Blah, this is kind of terrible. Not awful, just terrible. As in, could have been a whole lot better. 

I'd call it a drain pour if I believed in that. But, I'll finish it up, and find something better to drink next. 

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