Friday, December 9, 2011

Town Hall 900 ESB

900 ESB. Little brother of 1800 IPA (not, as I first expected, a recipe from 900 A.D.)

Clear, light amber coloring, Large, lace-leaving white head. 

Hops and fruit hit the nose right off. Grapefruit meets apricot. Prickly pine and pear. Bold bitterness, distinct malty notes. Quite pleasant, and rather unique. 

Light-bodied, lean, and clean. Crisp and cracker-y, with an unrelenting  bitterness up front. Citric fruit shows up from the hops, nice and lemon-y. 

If this reminds me of anything, it's another singular ale, Town Hall's Single Malt ale, which was brewed with Golden Promise malt. 

Good drinking, fine flavor, yeah, I'll do it again.

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