Thursday, December 8, 2011

North Coast PranQster Belgian-style Golden Ale

One aspect of my personal beer life I've neglected a bit is the festivals and events I've attented, and even created. In mid October, I did the 3rd annual Battle of the Belg at the Nile, pairing Belgian style beers brewed outside their native nation against those actually from Belgium. This was not one of the better attended events, and I'll blame myself for not going all out with promotion. Another Belg-a-Rama happened in early November, using some of the kegs left over, and at this point we're nearly done with the left-overs. PranQster, the Belgian-style Golden Ale from North Coast Brewing Company is the last American-brewed keg left over. My notes on a bottle of this are nine years old (12-26-02), and, though minimal,  I think they stand up.

Pours a hazy golden hue, bordering on orange, with a thick full crackling head. 

Nose is fresh, sea-foamy, perfumey, gracious and elegantly aromatic. 

Some spice, delicate fruit, orange, citrus, apricot, nectarine...sublime! Same beautiful and vibrant impact on the tongue as the best Belgians. 

Nice, but too brief, finish and, ultimately, a touch too sugary-sweet.

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