Saturday, December 10, 2011

Stone Double Bastard Ale

Sometimes a nightcap beer is all you need. And sometimes, it's more than you need.

Wednesday night, I was determined to finish off a keg of Odell Mycenary IPA at my workplace, in order to put on a fresh one of the newly released Surly Abrasive Ale. Had at least 4, getting several to join in on my crusade, and then it was on to some Abrasive. Left the Nile (my day off, after all), to visit BLB for a Lagunitas event, too late to see Corey Shovein as Bad Santa, but in time to enjoy the latest IPA from Petaluma. The night was far from over, and I made a return trip to Muddy Waters, only my second time there, and was hosted well by Paddy and Billy. Couldn't spend a dime. Jumped on a 21 on my way back home, somehow survived after telling loud, obnoxious, profane women to kindly shut up (somethings you can only do with a lot of beer in you. Telling noisy women on the 21 to be quiet is one of them.)
Maybe I didn't need another beer when I got home, especially not a biggie like Double Bastard. I didn't even finish it. Almost. Helped take the edge of the tension left from being threatened with a slap down. At least the driver was on my side.
Anyway, it gives me a chance to revisit a review from June 2003 of Stone Double Bastard, from a bottle I got in trade. (Here's how it's dated: I compare it to Young's Old Nick Barleywine!)
Glad to get it without such a hassle here now. The occasion of that bottle's consumption led me to create a phrase I greatly cherished when I read it the next morning. It has to do with music, you'll see. So, notes on Stone Double Bastard...commmence!

Appearance: beautiful bright crimson coloring, with a big, solid, creamy head standing on top. 

Aroma: rich, fruity, and burnt. Feels like a turbo-charged Young's Old Nick , it does! Fruit+liquor X 100! Spicy, sweet, and strong! 

But, to drink! Mellow, on the tongue and tastebuds, at first, but soon sizzling with hops, flavor & booze, sweet boooze! 

Boom! Bam! Biff, bang, Pow!!! There is no relief, nor should one seek any, from this hoppy, malty onslaught!!! 
DAMN! I can't think of a tastier ale with this much strength, anywhere! The Double Bastard has seriously laid me to waste! Rich and delicious, and full and fruity and strong and BOOM!, SCHMANG! SCHWOOP!!! (As you see, I've had to invent new sound effects for the occasion) 
I've been wallopped but good!, and I like it! 
Damn, I like every little wicked thing this beer does to me! 
It's a MONSTER!!! There's no relief, no respite, no nothing, just the full-on fruity, hoppy explosion that is this BastardX2!!! 

How does it compare to my favorite, Bell's Third Coast Old Ale? 
No, I'm not in the mood, or inclination. We'll just judge it on it's own and say that was one hell of a trombone solo! 

Strong, sweet, burnt, but still, somehow delicious, that's the thing!

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