Thursday, December 22, 2011

Kirin Ichiban

It's not all about craft. Sometimes you have to go back to the well, and check out a macro.
And we go, with Kirin Ichiban,... Kirin's Prime Beer, 100% malt, Brewed for the Good Times. The Ichiban shibori process uses only the most flavorful portion of the finest ingredients. 24 fluid ounces, can. Freshest taste within 180 days, packaged on ...04-Mar-11...(ooops, ....I maybe stop shopping at that store. Or at least check the date before purchasing.)

Bright gold color, voluminous pearl white head.

Soft, slightly sweet aromatics, grainy, lightly malty and vegetal, but overall pleasant.

In the mouth, light, bready malt, crisp as a cracker, mellow mouthfeel. Soft and clean on the palate, utterly inoffensive.

Maybe that's why I don't go to the macro lagers, as much, because I can't find much to say about them. And, still I soldier on.
{I just discovered that I've already reviewed this one, and completely forgotten about that. What does that tell you. Just for kicks, here's what I wrote back in May, 2003:

"Brewed under the strict supervision of Kirin's brewmaster by Anheuser-Busch, Inc., Los Angeles, CA" 24 0z. can, with the mythological Japanese deer/dragon beast striding diagonally up the aluminum container.
Color, a transparent bright yellow, with a prodigous, fluffy, bone white head, that hastily, noisily crumbles.(Perhaps the head size was helped by the enormous Weihenstephaner glass I poured it into?)
Aroma: rather dull and dry, and perfectly in step with a typical cheap lager smell, and am I smelling the rice? Is there rice? Taste will tell...
Very smooth on the palate, to a fault, to the point that it's existence barely registers or makes any impact upon the senses at all. Body is so light light that it rings hollow at every turn. There's is a decent texture, I admit, a nice grit and play on the tongue and lips, that makes it a far more bearable beer than many ordinary lagers, but...I can't at all detect the "complex character of one of the world's premium beers." You've got to have a narrow definition of "beer", and "premium"...and "world"...
Drinkability? Yeah, you can drink them, if you've got nothing better to do, nothing better to drink, and a mean streak of masochism...

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