Thursday, December 8, 2011

Omer Belgian Blond Ale (Brouwerij Bockor)

Here's one, like Urthel Saisonnierre, that good ol' Lanny got me a bottle of, before it was available commercially in this market. I keep passing on it, day after day, thinking it's not the time, and what do you know, I find 750's for sale. So late, and so lazy am I. Here come the notes...

Omer Traditional Blond Ale,  Brewery Bockor, 8% ABV., Omer, 1892. Brewed in Belgium, refermented in the bottle.

Clear golden hue, slim white head. Looking the part. 

Aroma starts with spice and citrus. Lemon and pepper, with that added something extra funky from the Belgian yeast. 

Tasting it: As above, so below. Sparkles on the palate, delivers more fruit and more spice. Sweet malt rises high in character, easily matched by hops. Malt and yeast rush back in, and deliver that special something. 

I like this a lot, really, I do. Easily the match of many Belgian blonds and goldens. 

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