Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bell's Java Stout

Bell's Java Stout. 7.5 % ABV, stout brewed with coffee. Drinking on tap, looking back on my notes from January, 2003, from a bottle:

I love coffee, I love beer, I love the Java Stout, and it loves me... 

Ebon as the night, with a big, beautiful cocoa-colored, bubbly, thick and powerful head. 
Incredibly aromatic! Thick with coffee, of course, chocolate, a little bit of spice, too. 
Excellent balance, strong, solid body. Lace is also indefatigable, like the weavings of a chocolate spider! 
Perfect as a long, slow nightcap, or a dessert beer. Try it over ice cream!

Long after those notes, still one of my top favorite coffee stouts.

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