Thursday, December 29, 2011

Von Honsebrouck Gueuze Fond Tradition

Gueuze Fond Tradition Lambic Belgian Ale, Unfiltered, Castle Brewery, Van Honsebrouck, Belgium. Affiliated with the "St. Louis" branding, apart from the Kasteel line from this same brewery. Brewed and bottled by…well, we went over that already. Let's uncap it, uncork it, and get into it.

My mistake, no cork in this one. Green bottle. Ours a cloudy orange, with a lasting, off-white head.

Funky, sour barnyard aroma. (Horseblanket? Horse piddle? Horse dooky?)
Deeply tart, citrus and sour. Not overpowering and offensive, definitely pleasant.

Taste: Fiercely funky. Big carbonation, light in body, but considerable texture play on the palate. Almost thick, with the funk and wicked wildness. Very refreshing, and never to the extreme. Just sour enough to have fun with your tongue, without coating it and killing it. 

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