Monday, August 15, 2016

2 Towns Ciderhouse OutCider Unfiltered Hard Cider

#2 in the Sunday Night Cider Showdown.

"If it's clear and yellow, you've got juice there, fellow! If it's tangy and brown, you're in Cider Town!" So, Ned Flanders informs us, but he wasn't talking about hard cider. That would be tangy and yellow and clear, and hardly ever brown. Is it ever green? Is it sometimes red? Probably not. Maybe we'll find out.

2 Towns Ciderhouse Unfiltered Hard Cider, produced & bottled by 2 Towns Ciderhouse, Corvallis, OR. 5% Alc./Vol. Fresh-pressed 100% NW Apples. No Added Sugar. Nothing Artificial. "Like the rugged outdoors of the Northwest, the OutCider is raw and unfiltered. Get up and get OutCider!" Also" "Damn Fine Cider." Contains: NW apple juice, malic acid, sulfites.

Cloud, bright yellow coloring, some kind of a head starts up and quits quickly.

Aroma: slightly sweet and apple-y (yeah, I'm going to use that descriptor quite a lot. But it is. Apple-y.) Sweet, fruity, then dry.

Taste: More sweetness, but well tempered, and ultimately dry. And ever-so apple-y. Nice texture. I'm liking the unfiltered-ness of it all. Not too sharp, not too tart, more sweet and fruity, but balanced and ending on a crisp, dry note. Nice and round. Sits well in the mouth and goes begging for more.

I like this. I would be hard -pressed to turn one down. Oh, I slay me!

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