Sunday, August 28, 2016

Bull Falls Five Star Ale

Bull Falls Five Star Ale, Bull Falls Brewery, Wausau, Wisconsin.

Clouded, highly hazed and amber-hued, under a good serving of whitish froth atop.

Earthy, yeasty aromatics. Is this an unfiltered British pub-style ale? An ESB? Really unsure of the style, but I'll check it out later after blindly guessing for a bit. Low bitterness, minor fruity notes.

In the mouth and on the tongue: smooth and mild. Low hops. Earthy and fruity at once, while remained well-balanced and utterly drinkable. Yep, good beer and you can drink it. I'm tasting the hops a little more now, bitterness grows on the palate a bit.

It's a smooth one, and I like it. Not a bad beer in the slightest.

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