Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Goose Island Goose Oktoberfest

Goose Oktoberfest. Goose Island Beer Co. Chicago, IL, Baldwinsville, NY, and Fort Collins, CO. 6.4% ABV. 17 IBU.

Clear, deep amber coloring, slim whitish head.

Aroma: malt-forward nose, of course, coppery, slightly sweet, but clean and well-balanced.

In the mouth: Lean, clean, malt-y and slightly fruity. Classic construction. Low hop bitterness, right on the money malt. Fits the profile, but goes no further. Good oktoberfest, and you can drink it. Nothing much else to say.

Oh, except the label tells us: "pleasant hints of DRIED APRICOT AND TOFFEE AROMA." (No need to yell, dude!)

The label also says: "Serve in a stein." Oops.

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