Friday, August 5, 2016

Tallgrass Explorer Series Sweet Tooth

Tallgrass Sweet Tooth, Salted Caramel Belgian-style dark ale brewed with salt and brown sugar. 9.2% alc. by vol. Brewed and canned by Tallgrass Brewing, Manhattan, Kansas.

Clear, reddish hued, slim white head.

Aroma: there's the caramel malt, and there's the Belgian Special B, that sweet stuff, with the Belgian twist. Nice.

In the mouth: More big sweetness hits the lips. Not getting the salt, yet....oh, wait, sure, there it is. Very much in the vein of a dubbel, not as full and rich as a Belgian version, though. This is okay. It's alright. It drinks down real good, and the booziness please me, but it lacks a certain finesse, a little grace, shall we say. It's alright, it ain't bad,

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