Monday, August 15, 2016

Wyndfall Homesteader American Pub-style Artisan Cyder

Wyndfall Homesteader American Pub-style Artisan Cyder, Hoch Orchards, La Crescent, MN.

#3 in the Sunday Cider (or is it Cyder?) Showdown. This one was given to me by one of the owners/ brewers?/ cidery-ers?, well, one of the main guys and I've sat on it way too long. More info from the label? "Hopped. Bright and balanced. Pleasant hop aroma." "Gluten free. Semi-dry. 6.0 % Alc./Vol."

So, let's drink it.

Clear, bright yellow, swiftly vanished white head.

Floral, fruity aromatics. A little perfume-y, just short of sweet.

Taste: Jumps on board crisp and dry, clean, smooth, refreshing. Lightly hopped and quaffable. The barest trace of bitterness. Good American Cyder, and you can drink it. Ends very dry, and quite likable.

"Our ciders are produced with sustainably grown fruit on the family orchard in the bluff lands of northeast Minnesota. Heritage variety apples add complexity and flavor you won't find in other ciders. Growing apples naturally can be challenging, but what you get in the bottle is simple: the purest cider, the terroir of the upper Mississippi River Valley." Ingredients: organic apples, organic can sugar, hops, yeast, preserved with potassium sorbate.

I cannot tell you why their product is a "cyder" and all the others are mere "ciders", or why they misspell "Windfall" as well. I can say that I like this just fine. I wouldn't pick it over a pale ale, but there ain't nothing wrong with it.

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